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Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, discusses issues that concern peace

Khartoum 19-7-2020 AD
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

Professor Muhammad Hassan Al-Taishi, a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, discussed with the delegation of the Sudan Liberation Army movement issues that concern peace in the country and preparations for signing the peace agreement.

This came when he met today In his office in the Republican Palace, a delegation of the Sudan Liberation Army headed by Mohamed Ibrahim Yahya, head of the movement in Khartoum state and a member of its negotiating delegation, who explained in press statements that the meeting dealt with the importance of strengthening cooperation between the transitional government and armed struggle movements to face challenges facing peace and build A Grassroots base for the peace process, whether in the Darfur region in particular or Sudan in general.

He said that the member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council affirmed the necessity to prepare the atmosphere for the peace agreement that will be signed soon.

Yahya explained that the political files, the files of justice, land and hawakeer were accomplished in the Juba negotiations, and only the file of the security arrangements currently being discussed in Juba between the parties to the peace process is left.
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