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The joint security force in North Darfur seizes (160) elements intended to work as mercenaries in Libya, including foreigners

Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The joint security force stationed on the border strip with the State of Libya was able to arrest (160) members who were going to work as mercenaries to fight in Libya, including two foreigners.
A representative of the North Darfur state, Major General Police / Yahya Mohamed Ahmed, Director General of the state police praised the efforts of the joint forces stationed on the Sudanese-Libyan borders in protecting the country from the dangers of external threats and the effective contribution in drying the area from human traffickers and cross-border crimes.
Major General Yahya Muhammad Ahmed police praised in a press enlightenment in El Fasher today, Thursday, the role of the commander of the Rapid Support Forces praised the North Darfur sector for his interest in citizen issues and full coordination with the security services in the state.
For his part, the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, the North Darfur sector, Brigadier / Judo Hamdan Ahmed (Ibn Shukh), affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces and other security forces will remain watchful in guarding and securing the borders, fighting the phenomenon of illegal immigration and human trafficking, and all forms of cross-border organized crime.
Brigadier General Jeddo Hamdan said that the process of sending the sons of Sudan to fight as mercenaries in Libya is totally unacceptable and added: (A few days ago our forces managed to control large numbers that were on their way to Libya and we are still continuing to monitor the northern borders and our forces are present and stationed on the borders in order to eliminate this phenomenon that is not Humanity)
To that, the acting spokesperson for the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Col. Adam Mohamed Saleh Abkar, explained that the process is qualitative and shows the readiness of the security forces to guard and secure the country’s borders, and went on to say: (Everyone is aware of and familiar with the regional developments taking place in the region and Sudan, like other countries in the region At a delicate stage, we must join hands, cooperation, sincerity and work with such a patriotic spirit that our security forces are working day and night to protect the borders so that they managed to save these young people from falling into the hands of human traffickers who are active in sending the Sudanese people to work as mercenaries to fight in the state of Libya) .
He said that combating the phenomenon of illegal immigration trafficking in human beings at the borders is the biggest challenge facing Sudan as a transit country that uses its borders to engage in activities that violate human rights, hoping for more coordination between the security services in North Darfur to eliminate cross-border crimes and maintain security and stability in the state.

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