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The joint meeting of the Sovereignty Council and the Ministers approves the state budget for the year 2020, the amended

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
Khartoum 9-8-2020.

The joint meeting of the transitional sovereignty councils and the ministers today at the Presidential Palace approved the state’s general budget for the year 2020, as amended.

The Minister of Culture and Information, the official spokesperson for the government, Faisal Muhammad Salih explained in a press statement that this budget was rented by the Council of Ministers 10 days ago, indicating that the reason behind its amendment is the need to adopt policies to mitigate the negative impact of the Corona pandemic on the general economic situation, indicating He pointed out that among the negative repercussions of this epidemic was the decrease in public revenues by 40% and the increase in the volume of public spending to cope with the circumstances of the pandemic and the consequences it created, and he said that with the increase in the volume of expenditures and the decrease in revenues, the percentage of the general deficit in the budget increased, so it was necessary to review the budget and take emergency measures, including rationalization and support Fuel and the gradual adjustment of the exchange rates of the dollar and the customs dollar over a period of two years until the real price is reached.

Faisal stated that within the framework of the strategic commodities support portfolio established by the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies, the process of rationalizing the price of fuel will be completed by allowing the private sector to import gasoline and gasoline in any quantities to control the issue of scarcity, stressing the continuation of subsidies for flour, medicines, cooking gas and electricity, adding that there is an amendment. In electricity prices for groups with high and not limited consumption.

He pointed out that with regard to the economic reform program, these measures will achieve an improvement in economic growth, and stated that the economy is expected to achieve gradual growth by the end of the program in 2021 by eight points, leaving it out of the negative growth index to the medium and long range and controlling inflation, which has reached high levels. .

Mr. Faisal said that the discussion of the local government law and some international protocols were among the agenda of the joint meeting of the Sovereignty Council and the Ministers, but discussion of them was postponed until the joint meeting takes place next Thursday.

The Minister of Culture and Information said that what was circulated and published in various media is a preliminary draft of the law and it has been presented in the Council of Ministers and many observations were made on it and returned to the Ministry of Justice to include these observations.

He said that people deliberated the first draft before discussing it in the Council of Ministers and built many provisions on it, indicating that the final draft of the Local Government Law that will be presented at the next joint meeting included all the observations that were said in the Council of Ministers and those written by the Forces of Freedom and Change Declaration.

He explained that the point that raised controversy in the local government law was related to the issue of the state legislature, as there were criticisms of what was stated in the first draft that the governor would be the head of the legislative council, explaining that when the draft was prepared, a discussion took place about the formation of state legislatures and there was no ready conception about How these state legislative councils are formed and what are the bodies that make them and lineage. He added that the experience of the National Legislative Council, which has not been formed yet, was considered, indicating that in the text of the constitutional document in the absence of the Legislative Council, the Sovereignty Council and the Ministers are the legislative authority, and therefore it was considered in the first draft to transfer this existing experience at the national level to the state level.

Faisal explained that as a result of the criticism that accompanied this experience, this issue has been amended, indicating that the draft that will be presented next Thursday contains an integrated vision regarding the formation of state legislative councils, and his Excellency indicated that the National Legislative Council has the right to amend this law and discuss how to form state legislative councils.

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