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Yasser Arman: The security arrangement agreement between the government and the SPLM is "historic and very important." د

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
Juba – 8-17-2020 AD

Professor Yasser Saeed Arman, deputy head of the Popular Movement North led by Malik Agar, described the security arrangements agreement in the two regions with the Sudanese government as historic and very important. In his speech, which he delivered after the initials of the security arrangements agreement in the two regions, he said that this agreement derives its importance from the events taking place in the region around us. Arman stressed that with reaching the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Sudan will be developed and modernized, including the Sudanese Armed Forces. We will all participate in developing, reforming and building strong and effective armed forces that reflect the diversity that characterizes Sudan and have a new military doctrine that is far from politicization, as well as all other regular forces. Arman extended his thanks and appreciation to the president, government and people of the Republic of South Sudan for their sponsorship of these negotiations and their eagerness to achieve peace and stability in Sudan, adding that this agreement will contribute to building a national army that protects all Sudanese throughout the country. He also congratulated the two negotiating parties for this achievement and extended his thanks and appreciation to the first vice president of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, head of the government’s delegation to peace negotiations, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, and to the first General Shams al-Din Kabashi, member of the Sovereignty Council, and Professor Muhammad Hassan al-Taishi, member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, and to all members of the negotiation team for their efforts. In order to reach this agreement in preparation for reaching the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Professor Arman expressed his thanks and gratitude to the representatives of the countries of Chad and the United Arab Emirates who contributed and helped in concluding this agreement.

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