Exclusive Conversations

٠Steps to revive peace in eastern Sudan

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
Khartoum 9-9-2020

Maulana Hassan Sheikh Idris Qadi member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council met today in the Republican Palace representatives of civil society organizations in eastern Sudan.

Dr. Taher Badawi, representative of the delegation of civil society organizations in eastern Sudan, told a press statement that the meeting touched on issues of concern to rural and civil societies in the three eastern states and the importance of promoting peaceful coexistence through the establishment of a Peaceful Coexistence Commission that would contribute to addressing civil and civil society issues in eastern Sudan. The meeting on the issues of the Sudanese coast and the importance of the Red Sea in investment through a balance between the concepts of resources and the environment in the East, especially in the Red Sea State, in addition to the importance of supporting local communities in eastern Sudan, as they are societies that need to provide basic services and development projects.

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