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Negotiating with Al-Hilu will start the third week of October

Juba E-10-2020 AD
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The Chairman of the Southern Mediation Committee, Counselor Tut Qalwak, Adviser to President Salva Kiir Mayardit for Security Affairs, announced that negotiations with the Chairman of the Popular Movement in North Abdulaziz Adam Al-Hilu will start in the third week of this October.
This came during the press conference held today at the Crown Hotel, Juba.

Tut said that the mediation delivered the peace agreement letter to the government of Sudan, and that it will conduct a foreign tour with the leaders of the Revolutionary Front to support the implementation of the peace agreement requirements, adding that the Government of Southern Sudan will honor the government delegation negotiating this achievement, which was made. Tut said, We are one people in two countries.

He also thanked all the heads and representatives of the countries that participated in the final ceremony to sign the Comprehensive Peace in Juba

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