After COVID-19 Pandemic .. Go Digital or Go Home

By: Muawad Mustafa Rashid
The 4 giant companies that actually  control the world i.e. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon started its move to strictly control everything.
Last year the CEOs of the said companies were called for an official meeting by the Congress members and were asked about the methods they adapted to double their wealth during the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic.
Their answers were almost similar as they were trying to convey joint messages that they are the strong party.
Observers to the developments of the services of those companies recognized the feverish race to control everything and makes it digital or online.
The CEO of Google revealed a project which could be the beginning of the end of traditional university education.
The project is called Grow with Google and it is an online platform which provides high quality educational articles in several aspects (they call it Google Career Certificate).
Mr. Kent Walker, who is the Chief Legal Advisor in Google Company, said that the certificate could be given after only six month of study, adding that this six month is equivalent to 4 years of study in any collage, affirming that it is just like the four-year degree certificate.
“In our own hiring, we will now treat these new certificate as the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles” – Google.
It is expected by the end of 2025 the traditional studies will vanish in the universities and all the colleges will transfer to become online platforms except some specializations.
The trends of Google is consistent with the efforts of several universities which already started shifting to E-learning along with some giant companies which also started concentrating on the skills rather than the certificates.
Former US President, Donald Trump issued an executive order, last year, directing all the federal branches of the government to concentrate on the skills and not the university degrees in recruiting the federal employees.
In Sudan, I think it is high time to concentrate on the skills and everybody should work out a clear plan to acquire new skill – especially the digital skills – because without those skills you will be as if you don’t know how to read or right (illiterate!).
Go Digital or Go Home!

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