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Mohammed Saad – Khartoum

Nobody can ignore the strong relations between the Sudanese and Egyptian people, and nobody can overstep the importance of such affective relationship in the first place, nor ignore the strategic relations.

It is true that there are some ups and downs that occurred among the politicians which are usually reflected by media outlets through the war of words (attacks and counterattacks); but such attacks do not affect the distinguished shape of relationship between the people of the two countries.

What usually happens during the political conflict is that popular relations are never affected as the commercial activities through the bordering crossing continue working normally in transporting the Sudanese products to Egypt and vice versa, besides the continuation of the flights to and from Egypt transporting thousands of Sudanese between the two countries.

When you ask a Sudanese national about the best destination for medication or study or even recreation, the unanimous answer is Egypt.

Not because of its strong economy or the high quality of its services as there are several countries which have better preferential feature.

The main reason for preferring Egypt is the good behavior of the Egyptians towards the Sudanese and the warm welcoming of the Egyptian people to the Sudanese, unlike the inhumane treatment of other countries towards visitors that include racial classifications, language and nationality.

The recent visit of the Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, kicks for a different political view between Sudan and Egypt despite of some hostile parties which are attempting to tarnish the warm relations between Sudanese and Egyptian people.

In reality no clumsy political or paid media person can tarnish or spoil the Egyptian/Sudanese friendliness.

Sudanese, as well as the Egyptian people, do not care much about politicians or media outlets’ comments.

These special relations are apparent if we consider the recent procedures of the Egyptian embassy in improving the general environment in the embassy and easing the hundreds of entry visa procedures that allow Sudanese travel to Egypt.

This without a doubt is a matter that proves the warm bilateral relations between the two countries.

Don’t play with our warm relations with sisterly Egypt.

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