Khartoum: The Capital of Zombies

Mohammed Saad — Khartoum

I often feel disappointed while driving my car on Khartoum’s streets, which are only good for obstacle races similar to ones we watch on You Tube, the ones with 4WD vehicles with very big tyres.

Whenever I fall in a hole I start airing insults to express my frustration with the dire conditions of Khartoum’s streets.

On the sides of the streets you can see hundreds of exhausted citizens, including women and kids, waiting for the non-existent public transport.

When they spot a public bus they find a quick-boost supply of buried strength and use it to start running to win the seat that brings them home, just like the zombies we watch in horror movies.

At night, all the streets are surrounded by blacked-out darkness and at its sides you will see hundreds of vehicles in queues awaiting their turn to be fueled.

On other streets you will see groups of citizens sitting silently on the muddy earth in a very humiliating manner, waiting for their turn in getting the almost extinct bread!

You will also find queues of cooking gas cylinders arranged like a plot of tombstones similar to ones in European graveyards.

Till very near, Khartoum was bustling with life and beauty; but now it has become a place for filming horror movies, a matter that evidenced a disastrous failure of the government, which till this moment is attributing its failure to inheritances from the ousted regime.

People are not even aspiring to enjoy social welfare; they only want to be provided by the basic services including foodstuff, potable water, education, primary health, etc…

We don’t care about the failure of the ousted regime in running the country, and we don’t care about the hollow promises of the current government; but we aspire to get our rights from a government which is supposed to rescue us from the failures of the ousted regime.

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