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Sudan’s New Horizon

M.H. Nuwar – Khartoum

The US Administration is heading towards reshaping the theaters of its foreign interests and influences.

Within the new president-elect Joe Biden the US Administration and its involvement in the executive action, the new US Administration is expediting in repositioning its stances towards the foreign relations dossier.

This is done through new visions towards the Yemen crisis and the parties involved in it, using hard statements against the Saudi Crown prince, and using its stick – for the first time – against Ethiopia and throwing the ball of fire towards Eritrea.

Concerning the intelligence report which brought the issue of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi to the surface, it is apparent the US Administration will not enter into adventure that might bewilder the structure of governance in Saudi Arabia, within the intensions of the Saudi Crown Prince to reshape the present political incumbent.

It is most probable that the report will be utilized to serve the orientations of the US Administration on its notions toward the Gulf and the Red Sea zone in general.

The Biden administration might rearrange its cards in Africa, in particular in the eastern parts and the Horn of Africa.

It has already started to scrabble about its old alliances through consultations with Kenya, a matter that upset both Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Sudan, till this moment, is in the safe side considering that it is administrating its foreign dossier with some boldness, and PM Hamdok should utilize his chairing the IGAD to serve Sudan’s interests instead of waiting for the counterattacks.

It is apparent that Sudan’s role, the way the US Administration sees it, is better compared to the weight of the states in the region.

Khartoum is witnessing a transitional stage that might lead to distinguished democracy in the region, so it will not face challenges the US Administration sees in other states such as Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and possibly Egypt.

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