The Sovereign Council

Mohammed Saad

At first it seemed that the Sovereign Council’s tasks represent the aspirations of the transitional period, such as the implementation of the dreams and ambitions of the Glorious December which overthrew the holistic regime which people suffered a lot from it besides the international community reservations on its running the state.

But during this entire period the Sudanese populace had not seen much from the Sovereign Council aside from some news about diplomatic relations along with other news about meetings, here and there, that gather the delegations with some of the members of the Council.

It is true that achieving peace was an important, giant step for Sudan, but is this peace enough to provide people with foodstuff, fuel, medicine etc…?

The war has come to an end and the generals of the armed struggle movements came to Khartoum with their moderately-sized armies in a historical precedent; a matter that made it feel like there was an ever-present time bomb watching this unfold, waiting for its moment, ticking patiently.

Everybody blames everybody; the executive leadership blames the ousted regime, the sovereign leadership blames the executive leadership and the loser is the citizen, who is between the rock of the foreign relations dossiers with its connection to economic dossiers and the hammer of the ongoing conflict over power and strengthening the political stances of the new parties that emerged, and some of the old political parties too.

I believe that it is high time for both the Sovereign and the Executive Council to start working out a plan to deal with the economic crises and to boost the strategic relations with the states that serve the interests of Sudan immediately.

I also believe it is high time for them to commence distancing themselves from the axes which intend on making Sudan feverishly in need of its support.

These axes know that if Sudan becomes stable economically and obtains its production means, the Sudanese government will not pass their agendas.

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