UN Representative Calls for Gender Equality

Staff Writer – Khartoum

The UN Country  Representative for Women , Adjaratou Fatou, has called on occasion of the International Women’s Day,  for exerting more efforts  to achieve equality between women and men.

Addressing the Press  Forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA)  on Monday,  Fatou she  had to seize opportunity on occasion of the International Women’s Day to salute women world-wide  and the Sudanese women who have been known as (kandakat).

She said that  during the coronavirus pandemic, violence against women and girls increased, as did lost learning for girls  as school drop-out rates and child marriages has risen, adding that tens of million more women  plunged into extreme poverty as they lost their jobs at a higher rate than men  and pay the price of a lack of digital access and skills. 

Fatou stressed on the importance of women empowerment in different institutions of the decision-making process to achieve real equality.

“On current trajectory, we will not see gender parity in the highest office before 2150” she said.

She indicated that countries around the world would not achieve sustainable development without real engagement of women in the decision-making process  and the generation equality within framework of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

Fatou called for taking a bold and decisive action across the world to bring women into the heart  of the decision–making process in large numbers and as full partners so that we could empower women at all national and international levels.

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