GERD Controversy Revisited

Mohammed Saad

Nine years ago Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia entered into extensive talks on the Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD), aiming to reach an agreement.

Failure, unfortunately, dominated all the rounds of talks.

The three countries did not reach any agreement over the filling of or operating of the giant dam.

Till now, the stand-still situation finds itself in between blackmailing and intimidation; much like a tug-of-war.

The smell of alliance(s) and lobbies are emanating, and are starting to mess around with the governments.

Every lobby is looking for a certain interest or a position in the area, bearing in mind that currently Sudan is suffering an economic collapse, Ethiopia is undergoing internal conflicts, and Egypt is also suffering from economic crises.

It is high time for each of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt to objectively consider to what extent they would benefit from the GERD through a mechanism of experts (not politicians).

This should enable the three countries to benefit from the GERD without restoring to the political options, which are often paid for to serve purposes other than the interests of the people of the area.

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