Interview with Top Scoring Student Mohamed Alamin


Mohamed Fazari and Mwaddah Hatim

An interview with student Mohamed Alamin Mohamed Ali Osman who studied scientific English section scientific in Khartoum International Preparatory School (KIPS) and placed the first of English curriculum across Sudan which considered unprecedented result, he told us more about this great achievement and success and talked about his passion and his dreams in the future

Welcome in Khartoum today and we are very happy to host you, you are really a proud of Sudanese student to be able to achieve this with all the challenges, you have past a very difficult school year 2020 so could you mind tell us about yourself, your family and your school years we heard that you joined an English school abroad, can you tell us more about that?

My name is Mohammed Alameen Mohammed Ali, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah for about 15 years, then I came here to Sudan and studied for like 3 years in kips, I started with the English curriculum since grade one so I’m more costumed to the language and I didn’t find any difficulties with it when I came here in Sudan and it was never a problem for me.

Ok, tell us about your school there, what are the differences you found in the school in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah exactly?

There was a huge difference in the environment, method of teaching, the way the curriculum books are structured, the general way of teaching is very different, the way of grading is also very different, the way of exams are written is also different it’s a completely different environment so it was a bit difficult in the start for me.

Did you have many Sudanese colleagues at the school in Jeddah? Maybe there are many Arab nationals?

Yes, I didn’t have many Sudanese school mates there was like 2 or 3 only in the whole school.
When you joined KIPS school, who told you about it and why this school exactly?

I joined kips last year or 2 years ago to be exact, I didn’t decide a thing it was my parents who registered me here, I already heard about the school reputation, it has a really strong presence in the country so I was excited to get here.

What helped you to achieve this?

My family and the school played a big part in my success, my family provided a lot of mental and emotional support and the school did everything they could academically so I can achieve what I did.

Since you are an inspiration for young student, you said that the family and the school played a big part of your achievement is there anything else that helped you?

My own hard work and persistence, intelligent hard work with thoughts put into it and not playing random hard work, I always try to fill the holes that I have, always try to fix any issues I had with any subject and concisely try to improve per every monthly exam.

During your study in Khartoum international prepare kips how did you find the environment, the teachers, your colleagues and students and all the people who are involved in the school?

It was a very welcoming environment and definitely played a big part in my success.

You study science in English, it’s a bit difficult for most of the students even the student who are native speakers.

How did you manage to overcome such a challenge?

I didn’t find it difficult maybe because I was already accustomed to the language, I didn’t have any problem with the language so I didn’t really find it that difficult.

What is your advice for other student that experiencing your exact experience?

I would advise them to study with hard work and persistence and always try to fill the holes in different subjects, always try to improve in every exam every month and to choose the subject that they are naturally good at and they won’t find many difficulties.

Did you expect the result to be the first one at the school, and how did you feel after wards?

I didn’t expect to be the first one at the school but I did expect to get a higher grade 96% or maybe 97% so I had some mixed feelings but thank GOD I was happy about my grade.

From where you got this confidence you said that you were expecting this result?

Because I was studying for a year and a half and I know how hard I worked for getting this result.

So, what will you study in the future since you are now the first of the school and you’re in scientific part and you have a strong base in English language most of universities welcome you and will open there doors for you, what is your future field that you want to study?

I want to specialize in Migatronic engineer, I already had the idea a couple of years ago, but it’s a new and divided field that I think I will do well at.

Is it your own deciding or the family is pushing you to it?

It is my own choice.

Do you any massage you want to send for your school teachers, the government or people in general to take care of international schools and for those who study in English I think that you are one of the luckiest because so many students don’t have chance to study in English even if they have the will to study in English?

I am very thankful for all the school and the members working in the school and I encourage them to improve the environment in the school for more successful youth.

How was your study curriculum?

I had my own curriculum, time control was really important for me, I didn’t just study too much I was just studying intelligently. So I was giving the subjects that I’m lacking at more time and the subjects that I was good at less time, I kept changing my curriculum according to how good I was doing in the perspective subjects.

How do you think the Sudanese environment around here you see people don’t speak English only at schools , so when you get outside how could you practice your English is it with family or watching TV or else. What’s that thing that always makes you practice your English?

Reading books and watching movies.

Do you try to speak with people outside either students or colleagues at school do you mostly speak in English?

Yes we do speak mostly.

What are your hobbies and what do you do in your free time?

I like watching football, reading fantasy books, reading stories and novels in general and I like watching movies and TVs shows.

What do you think of engineering as a subject?

I didn’t have that many difficulties with it because if you are good at physics you are going to be good in engineering science so I didn’t find any difficulties in it.

Thank you very much for talking to us we are very happy to host you and we wish to host you once again, congratulations once again we hope to here good news about you.

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