Welcome Ramadan

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

No, it is not just about personal spiritual growth.

An important aspect of fasting for long hours is to help people understand the plight of the underprivileged.

We abstain from eating and drinking knowing well that at the end of the day we will have enough to eat.

However, there are many in our surrounding who are never sure about the availability of their next meal within present hurdles represented by price hikes, power blackouts, rareness of fuel and bread.

An important part in the teachings of Islam stresses on helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Ramadan is observed through fasting, initiating good deeds, praying, and helping those in need. It is considered as one of pillars of Islam.

The month of Ramadan beautifies the soul; makes people equal, both the rich and the poor, and subconsciously all of them accept the new style.

Ramadan also redefines the commonality of interest between the classes, destroys selfishness, superiority, and prompts empathy of thought.

Furthermore, it upgrades the principle of cooperation and unifies the masses into one body.

Nonetheless, Ramadan has many merits, it engages seriously with us and this is indeed an opportunity for mankind to ascend to the sky.

Unfortunately, some greedy Muslims enjoy the special meals of Ramadan, but they keep it down away from the others.

Or they are unable to explain the deep emotions which their soul acquires from spirituals.

To sum it up, Ramadan forces you to just sort of step back from life a little bit, which is quite good, it’s quite nice.

Ramadan isn’t meant to be a punishment; it’s more of a beneficial thing for us.

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