Japan contributes US$4.22m to help stabilize communities in Sudan

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Khartoum — In line with the priorities of Sudan’s Transitional Government and the mandate of the UN Integrated Transitional Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), the Government of Japan has committed an additional $4.22m towards UNDP’s peace, stability, and economic recovery efforts, which will assist 45,000 vulnerable people across seven states.

Japanese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Takashi Hattori outlined the new priorities, which will assist 15 of Sudan’s most at-risk localities in Blue Nile, White Nile, South Kordofan, West Kordofan, North Kordofan, Sennar and Khartoum State.

“It is imperative not only to fulfil the urgent needs of these people, but also provide underlying foundations to increase the sustainability of their lives by enhancing productivity and skills”, said the Ambassador of Japan.

He added, “Activities in this project, for example livelihood support that will assist with ongoing economic challenges including COVID-19, and help build better the resilience of communities, are the ultimate goal of the Transitional Government. The project is also in line with Japan’s development policy to Africa, namely NAPSA (New Approach for the Peace and Stability in Africa), aiming for consolidation of peace and stability across Sudan.”

Broadly, the assistance will focus on vulnerable populations, including host communities, displaced people, refugees, women, and youth. Key elements include job creation, agricultural and livestock production, improved access to energy, youth-specific opportunities, community infrastructure and assets, community management initiatives, and peacebuilding training.

Thanking the Government of Japan, Volker Perthes, Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Sudan and Head of UNITAMS, said, “Stability at the community level is crucial to peace and development. This generous contribution from Japan will ensure people are further supported by the UN with real opportunities via rural development, access to basic services and peacebuilding.”

Mr Perthes further added that, “the contribution from Japan complements UNITAMS’ efforts with the UN Country Team to strengthen coordination of peacebuilding work via the Sudan Peacemaking, Peacebuilding and Stabilization Programme.”

Delivered in partnership with Sudan Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (SDDRC), rural development will focus on access to food and services through environmentally sustainable activities like rain-fed agriculture, while infrastructure and assets will include markets, roads, tractors, harvesters, and solar technology.

Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid, SDDRC Commissioner General, stated, “We appreciate and thank Japan and UNDP for being a consistent and trusted partner. With this additional support, we will be able to substantially contribute to stability and development, and assist many of the most vulnerable.

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