Stranded Sudanese in India!

Osman Mirghani

India is one of the favorite countries to Sudanese for several reasons among which is medical treatment when they have to travel abroad for medication.

The relations between Sudan and India is deep-rooted for a long time when the Indian migrates came to Sudan and started their business and settled when they found a conducive environment to coexist with the Sudanese people.

Accordingly, they entered into intermarriages and grew several generations which contributed to raising the level of joint blood.
The medical care and technology in India is very advanced a matter that encouraged the Sudanese to choose it as the best destination for medication.

But the new COVID-19 pandemic which is widespread in India resulted in lock-down for traveling to or from India a matter that prevented the return of the Sudanese who traveled to India for medication after they completed their treatment.

Those stranded Sudanese are running short of money after spending most of it on medication and were prepared to return to their homeland.

They spent all their saving on medication, accommodation, and other unforeseen expenses, so they are now in a very complicated status and most of them sold their properties including their mobile phones to be able to feed themselves during this unexpected and extraordinary extension of stay in India due to the lock-down.

The question that poses itself is which party is responsible for those stranded Sudanese who have no option other than staying the lock-down is off?

The medical precautions have indeed forced several states and airlines to suspend their flights to India; but even though we believe that there is an option for the Sudanese government to resort o instead of neglecting them and leaving them facing their fate alone.

It is high time for the government to take serious steps towards those stranded through shouldering the expenses of their extra stay in India considering that the dignity of the Sudanese citizen is the responsibility of the government.

The “State of Citizenship’ which we are calling for necessitates protecting the citizen wherever he is.

We urge our government to rescue the dignity of our stranded citizens in sisterly India.

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