The Right Self-determination and Recalculations

Mohammed Al-Noorani

In each round of negotiations, the SPLM-North of Abdelaziz El-Helou continued to raise the ceilings of its demands, which are not consistent with the size of the movement.

Where the SPLM raises issues that claim, from the point of view of its leadership, that they represent the citizens of Southern Kordofan, specifically our people (the Nuba). It is true for the people of Southern Kordofan, objective issues that have been cumulative since independence.

Development issues with all their meanings in (infrastructure and development, as well as human and professional development {education in a comprehensive}).

Issues of dividing local resources and support from the center for a specific period to achieve development in the region, to catch up with some areas of Sudan that were not affected by armed conflicts.

Also the issues of the displaced and refugees who were displaced due to the cursed war.

As well as the issue of power-sharing to follow up on the implementation of those issues.

Certainly, the people of South Kordofan have legitimate and logical issues.

We return to the title of the article as I said that the El-Hilu movement is increasing with impossible demands, to thwart negotiations with the transitional government, and it deludes the international community that the people of Southern Kordofan desire the implementation of a (secular) regime in all parts of Sudan or self-determination.

Some foreign organizations and bodies claim that more than (80%) of the citizens of South Kordofan believe in Christianity, (15%) in Islam, and (5%) are non-religious, and this statistic is inaccurate.

There is an estimated percentage of Christians and Muslims, as well as the owners of noble beliefs. And before these classifications, they are citizens who live in this region.

There are legitimate questions that we ask everyone… Do all the residents of Southern Kordofan belong to the Nuba tribe?

That ancient tribe, which we have great respect for, and whose members are spread in all parts of Sudan, and the majority of them adhere to Islam.

The answer is definitely NO!!.. Other tribes are residing in Southern Kordofan, such as (Dajo, Bargo, Hamar, Hawazma, Kenana, Awlad Hamid, Shanabila, Kawahla, Missiriya, and other Sudanese tribes).

For all that was mentioned, we find the best of the SPLM-North Jinnah Al-Hilu in offering the right of self-determination to the citizens of Southern Kordofan is a losing bet.

We hope that the SPLM-North Jinnah Al-Hilu will reconsider the position of the right to self-determination that it presents in the negotiation rounds with the transitional government for the Southern Kordofan region.

Rather, it is more useful for the movement to raise the real issues of the citizens of the region, without adopting the theses of other parties, partisan and ideological.

The South Kordofan region cannot be compared to the reality of former South Sudan (the state of South Sudan now).

A More Distant Vision…

The citizens and residents of Southern Kordofan, with their faces, colors, languages, cultures, tribes, and ethnicities, must unite as one and demand their real and legitimate issues for freedom, peace, and justice.

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