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Yasser Arman at the Lawyers Union Symposium

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Brief Summary of Points Made:

  • The revolution is weak because of injustice and the fragility of society, and the fragility of the state and the armed forces.
  • The regime has destroyed all institutions.
  • Moving requires brains like lawyers.
    Redefining the Sudanese National Project
  • Without a solution to the economic crisis, there will be no transition.
  • Security Arrangements, I spent 36 years in war, and from this experience, I know that there should be one army in Sudan. And the justice system should be reformed
  • The issues of the south that led to the secession are not far from Darfur, the Blue Nile, and eastern Sudan.
  • The absence of a social base is one of the threats to the revolution and the fragmentation that occurred in freedom, change and professionals is a vivid example of the absence of a social base for the revolution
  • The dispersal of the sit-in should not be taken in isolation from the crimes that occurred in all parts of Sudan.
  • The task of reform in the security forces should be the task of all Sudanese.
  • There is a crisis between the Army and the Rapid Support Forces.
  • The Rapid Support Forces must enter the army, but not now.

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