A Wave of Death Hits the Red Sea State!

Abudigana Altahir

The Red Sea State has witnessed a violent wave of increasing infections and deaths from the Coronavirus since mid-June

An official in the Ministry of Health in the Red Sea State, eastern Sudan, said that clinical indicators of coronavirus cases tend to suggest an outbreak of the Indian Delta strain, while social media is buzzing with news of an increase in the number of deaths in the coastal state amid extremely complex health conditions.

In late June, the World Health Organization warned that the “delta” strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, which was discovered in India, is on its way to becoming the world’s dominant, and it is believed that this mutation may be able to spread more easily than previous forms. The virus and its symptoms differ from the previous strains to be accompanied by confusion in thinking, diarrhea, and hearing loss, in addition to fever and headache.

The absence of health awareness among the people might be the main reason for the spread of the infection, in addition to the continuing crowding in bakeries and gas stations, accompanied by the lack of adherence to the necessary health requirements and the refusal of dozens of patients to stay in isolation centers.

The weak capabilities and the lack of readiness of the isolation centers in the city also contribute to the exacerbation of the situation, accompanied by power outages, which deprive many cases of obtaining artificial respiration.

With deaths not following the usual course of targeting the sick and old, hopefully, it creates a spark of awakening that would deter people from breaking health guidelines like before.

The local authorities in the Red Sea State imposed a state of emergency after the high rate of infection with the virus, and the measures included closing places of worship for two weeks, suspending studies in educational institutions and universities, in addition to closing public parks, clubs, and the Corniche, preventing events and setting up mourning pavilions in residential neighborhoods.

The head of the Higher Committee for Cemeteries in the Red Sea State, Muhammad Hassan Mirghani, revealed that 37 bodies were buried in Port Sudan on the previous Wednesday. He warned in press statements that the death rates had increased since the beginning of July to about 500 cases. He said that the rate of corpses that were buried in Port Sudan during the last week ranged between 29-37 bodies per day.

In this context, the Legitimate Doctors Association demanded a complete curfew for three weeks in the Red Sea State, with the closure of all crossings leading to and from the state.

The Head of the Eastern Sudan Coordination Council, the Nazir/ Mohamed Ahmed Al-Amin Turk, called on the President of the United Nations Council, especially the World Health Organization to help rescue what is left of the situation.

International organizations working in the field of health and representatives of international donors, prepared an emergency health intervention plan to save the situation in eastern Sudan, explaining that the matter amounted to a large amount that could lead to a complete deterioration in various aspects of life in the state.

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