US State Department: Praise to Sudan for its fight against human trafficking

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Khartoum — The US State Department announced that Sudan has risen to a better level in efforts to combat human trafficking, and its name has been removed from the list of countries involved in child recruitment.

According to a press briefing from the US State Department, a number of governments have been classified and raised to the second level due to their continued efforts to combat human trafficking, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dominican Republic, Jordan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan.

Sudan’s Ambassador to the United States, Professor Noureddin Sati, commented, “The positive decisions follow from the United States, which on Thursday deleted the name of Sudan from the list of countries involved in child recruitment and raised Sudan’s classification in human trafficking from the third level to the second level, which means a significant improvement in rated”.

A press briefing of the US State Department said that the countries’ ranking reflects the State Department’s assessment of the efforts of those governments during the reporting period to meet the minimum standards of the Human Trafficking Victims Protection Act in order to eliminate human trafficking.

He pointed out that the US State Department seeks to make the report as accurate and objective as possible, and document the successes and shortcomings in the efforts of concerned governments around the world to combat human trafficking, and that this assessment is not based on political considerations.

Countries are classified into three categories, from the first to the third, the best of which are those ranked first, followed by the second, and the third. Sudan has been in third place for a long time, but the government’s efforts to combat human trafficking and cooperate with the international and regional community in combating this phenomenon have finally paid off.

The United States Embassy in Khartoum indicated in a tweet on the subject that Sudan, despite the challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic on it and its resources, “has been able to improve its record in combating trafficking by making more efforts in general, and its classification has been raised to the second level in the Human Trafficking Report.” for the year 2021″.

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