The National Highway Authority (MHA) is interested in Prequalified Contractors to participate to work in the following areas:

  1. Construction of new roads projects (construction of new roads including all construction items (earthwork, asphalt surfacing, bridges, drainage structure, road protection works).
  2. Road rehabilitation works (including reconstruction works, surfacing layers, overlay, shoulders, stone pitching, maintenance of bridges, and drainage structure on the existing National Road Network.
  3. Construction of road structures (bridges (steel-concrete), Pipe culverts, retaining walls).
  4. Road maintenance of national roads (patches, culver cleaning, repairing of shoulders, removal of sand-dune and trees, protection work).
  5. Road Safety work (painting –traffic signs – cat eyes – speed humps).
  6. Construction of road auxiliary buildings (construction and maintenance of offices, camps, toll stations, axle weighing bridges).
  7. Construction of agricultural roads up to sub-base layer + drainage (feeder roads) + traffic signs.

A complete set of Prequalification documents in the English language may be purchased by interested eligible bidders upon the submission of a written application to the following address.

The National Highway Authority Headquarter Khartoum, Ghaba Street, 7th Floor, Mr. Awadalla Ahmed Bashir and

Upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 100,000 SDG (Only One Hundred Thousand Sudanese pounds) in cash or credit cheque by the name of the Managing Director, National Highway Authority.

PREQUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS must be delivered at Technical Supervision Follow-up Office on or before Tuesday 31st  August 2021, a copy of the Financial Receipt should be attached.


  • The contractor has the right to apply in more than one of the mentioned fields.
  • Prequalification will be only in two fields in case of applying for more than one field.
  • The contractors who are already working on the construction projects of the National Highway Authority shall not be exempted from the submission of documents needed for the prequalification.
  • Successful Contractors/companies will be classified according to their experience and financial competence and will get a prequalification certificate.
  • Only the contractors/companies who will get this prequalification will be eligible to participate in NHA projects for this and next year.
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