People Create the Dictatorship

Osman Mirghani

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the names of the candidates who passed its written and verbal exams for the posts of first secretaries and advisors in the Sudanese diplomatic corps.

But Immediately after the announcement, the social media outlets were dominated by bouts about the methodology used by the Foreign Ministry in its nominating those candidates.

The Ministry in turn formed a committee to review the accusations to satisfy the public that it followed the appropriate steps in its selection.

Another incident got viral on social media about forceful donations from the companies working in the mining sector to support the inauguration of the Darfur Governor. Those donations are imposed by the Director of Mineral Resources Company.

The above two incidents had dominated the Sudanese trend and were the main issue in all social discussions.

Sudan news that touches the government performance requires rapid official responses from the concerned institutions, otherwise, it will be subject to accumulation to make indispensable thunderstorms.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should come out with a clear statement to show s the steps it took till it reached the nomination of the recruit to prove that the selection came according to systematic steps and that there are no violations in the process as was aired by the media outlets.

In the case of the Ministry of Mineral Resources about the forceful donations by the companies working in mining to support the inauguration of Darfur governor, the Ministry should also come out with a statement to give the appropriate information about the incident and if the step was in accordance to the scope of its financial policies and procedures.

It is wise to recognize that the creation of the totalitarian state in which the democratic standards do not exist is a gradual process that starts from neglecting the law till it becomes the general conduct.

The dictator is not born as a dictator, but his people and nation make him.

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