The Public Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in Sudan

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Karim Mohamed Khan, a prosecutor for the ICC, said, in a press statement, that he is mandated, as an official of the International Criminal Court and following the mandate given to him by the UN Security Council, to conduct independent investigations into the events that occurred in Darfur, and added that there are arrest warrants, and it is his responsibility and the office he leads, to review the evidence and make an assessment about The sufficiency of this evidence, noting that this requires the cooperation and assistance of the Sudanese, whether in Darfur or Khartoum, on all the crimes that have been committed, including mass murder, crimes against humanity and other crimes as everyone’s responsibility.

Khan cited. With the meanings of the Holy Qur’an in the prohibition of killing oneself, which is the killing of all people, and he said, “If you are a Muslim, you must tell the truth even if it is against your family.” He expressed his happiness to be a Muslim in Sudan, whose people are considered Muslims.

The Public Prosecutor of the Criminal Court indicated that he seeks the cooperation of anyone who has information about the events in Darfur, and the arrest warrants issued, to contact his office, expressing his keenness to cooperate with the Sudanese government, and demanding commitment, to move forward in achieving the tasks in the cases they are in connection with.

Khan expressed his thanks for the warm reception and cooperation that his predecessor, the former plaintiff, received from the Sudanese government. Stressing that he will visit Sudan next November, and he will visit Darfur, and submit a report to the UN Security Council next December, on the positive progress made, and said, “We will accomplish our mission to achieve the expectations of the international community, especially with regard to Security Council resolutions to achieve justice towards the heroes of Darfur, the victims and the living who are I am hungry to achieve justice and hold accountable those who committed crimes in Darfur,” indicating that he is looking forward to the cooperation and assistance of the Sudanese and the government, stressing his office’s commitment to achieving the desired justice.

Khan also met with the President, Vice President, and members of the Transitional Sovereign Council in Sudan.

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