Education for All to Raise Awareness

Neimat al Naiem

Education is the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. It is one of the fundamental pillars of the educational process for all people worldwide. UN through its concerned organizations paid great attention to education. Seminars and international forums and conferences are held to discuss the issue. Sudan needs more efforts to bridge the gap of illiteracy. The challenge is the lack of specific statistics for assessing the illiteracy rates during the last regimes governed Sudan for decades.

Sudanese Coalition for education for all SCEFA is one of the institutes that exerted great efforts to discuss education issues through organizing training workshops seminars and conferences. SCEFA organized a media forum on 4th September 2021 to discuss one of the vital issues, adult education in Sudan under the title role of the NGOs in Literacy and Adult education. Journalists represented in the mass media effectively participated in the discussion.

Dr. Mubarak Yahia head of SCEFA shed light on the importance of adult education expressing his optimism that the mass media can play a role in tackling adult education issues in Sudan, stressing the great contribution of the civil societies in adult education.

Yahia pointed out that during the last 30 years of the former regime, the government failed to present any program for education. She affirmed that education is a right for all. He added according to the statistics the adult education needs a noticeable stop to revise policies and plans to shed more light on the issue and to pay more attention.

For his part, Dr. Nagi Mansour Al Shafei SCEFA Secretary-General addressed the forum pointed out that the forum came in the context of celebration with Education World day under the theme of bridging the digital gap. He called on the importance of joint efforts to enhance educational opportunities for all and at eternal life considering it a right to all.  Al Shafei disclosed that 30% of pupils are dropped out of school. He explained that there are 700 million literates all over the world according to UNSECO reports.  

 Education expert, member of SCEFA, Layla Bashir a very rich presentation on the issue of adult education in Sudan, she pointed to the absence of specific statistics of illiterates in Sudan in the urban areas as well as in the rural areas. She highlighted the role of the civil societies organizations in education noted that education is a right for all. The paper discussed that illiteracy is not the lack of writing and reading. It includes a lack of all skills that humans need, and it is important to focus on adult education to raise awareness in the local communities and participation.

Education needs joint efforts, strong will from the government to solve the roots of the problem. To pay more attention to education as a right and of all. Coordination is important between the public and private sectors.   

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