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FVP of the Sovereign Council Dagalo Gives Speech During the Visit of PM Hamdok

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Translation of the First Vice President of the Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo’s speech during the visit of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful, And prayers and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, our master Muhammad, upon him be the best prayer and the most complete peace.

Mr. / Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok
Gentlemen/ Ministers and the accompanying delegation
Gentlemen/ heads of departments, departments, sectors and group leaders of the Rapid Support Forces
Gentlemen / in the various media
Distinguished guests, all in attendance
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

Today, we are pleased with the honorable visit of Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok and his honorable delegation to the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces, a visit that clearly and explicitly embodies the meanings and implications of the partnership between the two parties to the constitutional document, military and civilians, and also represents an affirmation of the patriotic spirit with which we all proceed, in managing Our country is during this important stage. Thank you very much for this kind initiative, and you are welcome among your brothers and sons, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Rapid Support Forces.

Ladies and Gentelmen, On this good and blessed day, we must salute the masses of our honorable people who provided the most wonderful examples of redemption and sacrifice through a great revolution that astonished the world. Which valiantly and courageously sided with the choices and demands of the people, achieving the desired change and turning a dark page in the history of our nation.

Ladies and Gentelmen, The Rapid Support Forces took the lead in the victory of the glorious revolution and made great sacrifices for this, as they were systematically targeted by some stalkers, and despite the bitterness of injustice, they remained and will remain with the other regular forces, protecting the homeland, faithful to the capabilities and desires of the people, patient and persistent in implementation To its sacred duty, to preserve the dignity of our people and our land.

We in the Rapid Support Forces will remain faithful to the pledge we made to our people, to maintain their security and stability, and to ensure the achievement of the goals of the transitional period of achieving comprehensive peace and building a state of citizenship, leading to real democracy through free and fair elections. We also affirm that our forces are fully prepared to implement any National tasks assigned to it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those in attendance, all the duty is imposed on our forces to work in difficult conditions while carrying out their duties, especially on the various borders of Sudan, through which we face continuous targeting. It is a task on a number of fronts, which requires more attention to improving the conditions of these forces, caring for the families of martyrs, and supporting the disabled in order to raise their morale because they represent an important element in protecting the homeland and the citizen.

Ladies and Gentelmen, There is no doubt that the complex and sensitive conditions that our country is going through and that our people endure with determination and patience require a greater effort than what we are doing now, to relieve the suffering of the citizen who lives in harsh conditions in search of a decent living. In the security situation and the growth of hate speech, racism, regionalism and tribalism.

These grave challenges that our country is facing require all of us, without focusing on dividing (military and civilian), to work together to carry out a comprehensive and deep reform process, focusing on the most important priorities, foremost of which is improving the necessary services, paying attention to the citizen’s livelihood, working to establish the foundations of peace, and imposing the prestige of the state. Finding a way out of the state of political tension by creating a common ground in which all meet without exclusion. Perhaps the initiative of the Prime Minister represents a way out to build on it with ideas, opinions and other initiatives.

We must join hands and unite efforts to work together, to overcome our partisan, regional and tribal differences, we must face our mistakes with courage to build the future of our coming generations, we must move from fear of each other, to trust in each other, we must believe in the values ​​that bind us and the homeland that unites us And in the people who await us, we must also trust and value the institutions that serve and protect us.

Our generous guests, we renew our thanks and appreciation to the Prime Minister and the ministers for this visit and the effort expended to serve the citizen. We are with you and with you we will go on the path of completing the tasks of the transitional phase, to tell our people and the world that we have crossed and won for the homeland, values ​​and humanity, our motto in that is (Sudan first).

Thank you all.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God..

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