RSF Pioneering Role

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

Rapid Support Forces played a great pioneer role in restoring security and stability in Sudan and also give full support to the Sudanese military Forces works in one glove with all the organized Forces

Rapid Support Forces now are representing a major part of the Sudanese military Forces and it submits to the military institution according to the law of the Sudanese military Forces

Who he follows the efforts of this Forces, has known that the RSF confronted challenges in a number of the States, in addition to its clear stances towards human traffic phenomenon which became a nightmare and obsession to the Sudan that considered the main crossing point for those who come from neighboring countries intending immigration to Europe. Rapid Support Forces spare no efforts in combating and facing this phenomenon, which the European community has suffered in general, and the African continent in particular

RSF has a crucial role in protecting the Sudanese borders, and it has clear impressions in this regard. When the Sudanese people demonstrated against the Al Bashir regime through the December glorious revolution, we find that Rapid Support Forces give full support to the revolution because it thinks that the historical revolution is a choice of the Sudanese people this is a great National position

In the social domain, the Rapid Support Forces threw several contributions particularly in the humanitarian field from its National stance, which made it be near the Sudanese citizens

Most of the world States have private military Forces and Sudan is not separated from the world it should obtain private military Forces submit to the Sudan military Forces law its responsibility to protect the country and its population.

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