Declaration of Independence: Political Parties Consensus

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

On December 19, 1955, the Sudanese parliament, under Azhari’s leadership, unanimously adopted a declaration of independence.

The stance of the declaration of independence by the Sudanese parliament is considered a brave step unpreceded by any other country.

The step proved, at that time, that Sudanese political parties are consistent in distresses, as all the parties including those who were calling for unity with Egypt declaring they are steadfast to the national interests waiving the narrow partisan interests.

However, it seems that our political parties are not ready to repeat that harmonious moment during which the conditions passing the country necessitated rallying around the nation despite the differences among elites of the country.

History tells us that Sudan was subject to bickering between the two condominium countries (Egypt and Britain), as the latter was calling to include Sudan within the British Commonwealth states while Egypt desired to include Sudan within the Arab League or consider Sudan as part of Egypt.

The Sudanese political forces were also at odds as the Umma party was calling for complete independence (Sudan for Sudanese), while the National Unionist party was calling for Independence under the Egyptian crown.

That being the case, the British Governor-General demanded acceptance from the Sudanese parliament in determining the future of the country.

Azahari prudently managed to convince all the political parties in the parliament, including the Southerners who were calling for autonomy, to vote in favor of complete independence.

It has now been more than half a century since the declaration of independence and we are still suffering conflicts in the issue of the national fabric.

We wrote several times on the necessity of the formation of a truth and reconciliation commission as a step forward to lay a proper foundation towards a healthy regime that disregards the previous bitterness.

God Bless Sudan.

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