Joint Statement of the UN in Sudan on Human Rights Day

The United Nations in Sudan – 10 December 2021

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted seven decades ago, established the equality and dignity of every human being, and the duty of every government to provide an environment in which its people can enjoy and exercise their rights as the foundation for freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

The theme for International Human Rights Day this year of “Equality, reducing inequalities, advancing human rights” insists on the core principle of dignity and a world free from discrimination, a world in which women and youth are empowered and children’s rights are respected.

During this year’s “16 days of activism against gender-based violence” campaign, we have engaged with Sudanese women, including women activists from Darfur, who have all expressed their determination to continue to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights in Sudan.

The Universal Declaration underscores the right to express one’s opinions freely, without interference, and for one’s views to be heard, on decisions that affect one’s wellbeing. People also have the right to demand a just and free society, based on the rule of law, as this is the only path towards prosperity and sustainable peace.

We have publicly raised our concern about all human rights violations, including the unlawful detention of hundreds of people, attacks against journalists and human rights defenders, and the death of many people as a result of excessive use of force by security forces during the recent protests. The people of Sudan have a right to protest peacefully; journalists must be allowed to do their work freely, and they and civil society activists and other human rights defenders should be protected. All those responsible for violations committed must be held accountable.

On this Human Rights Day, we would like to acknowledge the courage and determination of the people of Sudan to fight for a democratic society in which their rights and freedoms are respected, whoever they are. We will continue to support you.

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