Sovereignty Council VP Calls on Civil Administrations to Support the National Consensus in the Country

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The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, called on the civil administrations in Sudan to support and support the national consensus in the country, stressing the importance of their impartiality and non-alignment with any party, to be qualified to confront those who stand against the will of the Sudanese people and their desire for reconciliation.

During his meeting today, the leaders of the civil administrations stressed that the situation in the country puts it at a crossroads that may or may not be, due to the spread of strife and the growth of hate speech, racism, and regionalism, noting that some continued to stir up hatred among the Sudanese to achieve special concepts and agenda without taking into account stability country, and its safety.

Lieutenant-General Dagalo stressed the need for political parties to agree on a unified vision that achieves the country’s interest and added that any elections cannot take place without political parties, and regrets the significant decline that afflicted the country due to differences, noting that the Sudanese agreement would restore Sudan to its status natural.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council pointed to the importance of the Native Administration carrying out its historical duty, communicating with all political and social components to convince them to move in the direction of national reconciliation, and stressed that everyone will face those who reject reconciliation and work to undress it before the people, noting that the decisive solution to the crisis in Sudan can only be achieved through the polls.

He said, “We do not want to reach the polls,” and that there are those who reject all proposals that achieve the stability of the country, stressing that they will face the rejection of all Sudanese, noting their keenness to participate in each party according to its capabilities and real size without dominating the people, He called on the native administration to pay attention to solving tribal problems in some states, especially North and West Darfur, which he said had taken a negative turn with the growth of regional and racist tendencies between the parties.

He revealed their approval of the United Nations initiative to solve the crisis in Sudan, provided that the head of the “UNITAMS” mission be a facilitator and not a mediator between the parties, categorically not hostile to or rejecting the international community, but rather their refusal to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

For his part, Al-Nazir Ali Mahmoud praised the efforts of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council to achieve peace in Sudan, especially in eastern Sudan, noting that their conference, which was held in Khartoum recently, stressed the importance of national consensus and peaceful coexistence among all Sudanese, pointing to the need to pay attention to civil administration and provide a helping hand. It has the approval of laws that help it to play its role in improving the social fabric of the country.

In turn, Sultan Saad Abdul Rahman Bahr al-Din confirmed that the Native Administration Conference-approved supporting national initiatives that lead to societal consensus, in addition to supporting the regular forces to play their role in maintaining security and imposing the prestige of the state, noting that the conference stressed the importance of dialogue between the Sudanese to achieve acceptance and satisfaction. He noted that the conference stressed the rejection of all forms of international interference in Sudanese affairs, and support for any direction from the state to expel all ambassadors of countries accredited to Sudan who violate diplomatic norms, calling on all diplomatic missions and organizations to respect Sudanese sovereignty.

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