Brown Land Anniversary

Mohammed Saad Kamel

When Brown Land published its issue number one a year ago, the most optimistic views expected that this publication will last not more than 3 months at most, considering the pessimistic history of the English press in the country.

Sudanese papers like the other papers in the Arab world did not witness stability in general, with the English press not being an exception from that background.

Accordingly, when we publish our first issue observers were anxious and full of fear that the newborn publication will collapse in a few months bearing in mind that the previous experiences in English publications were not encouraging.

Unlike the expectations, Brown Land came out, and the volume of acceptance from the readers was amazing. That issuance was a towering figure in the English press industry in Sudan.

Brown Land which was born with its full and bright teeth has become common now in the hotels, embassies, receptions, aviation companies, and in the hands of businessmen along with its existence in the news stalls.

Last week the paper has completed its first year successfully and it has become a towering figure in the Sudanese English press.

As I wrote in the first issue of Brown Land, the paper will exert all possible efforts to become a real support to that transformation and change in our black continent through in-depth articles with being in equal distance and neutrality towards the issue of the region.

On the occasion of celebrating our first anniversary, we hereby affirm that we will continue to concentrate on the democratic transformation, issues of peace, economic and social development besides press freedom.

Brown Land will continue its endeavors to become an added value in supporting the change in our beloved country.

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