Committee of Reviewing the Decisions and Actions Taken by the Sudanese Empowerment Removal Committee Uncovers Facts

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy and Rapporteur of The Supreme Committee of reviewing the Decisions and Actions Taken by the Dissolved Sudanese Empowerment Removal Committee, has held a press conference in which he revealed the purpose of the formation of the committee i.e. the absence of appeals committee to review the resolutions of the committee, the accumulation of t e appeals and claims, the damage occurred as a result of the resolutions in terms of foreign relations, interference in the authorities of some official institutions, the slowdown of production of some of the recovered facilities, the incomplete justice cycle, determining the responsibilities, assuring the endorsement of the act, and the existence of several accounts for the dissolved committee.

Evaluation of the Actions of the Dissolved Committee:

The methodology adopted in receiving the recovered assets was not appropriate as it should be handed to the Ministry of Finance without following the documentation cycle.

The methodology in receiving the vehicles from the companies was not handed to the Ministry of Finance, but instead, the committee handed those vehicles to individuals who have personal relations with the members of the committee.

The dissolved committee had practiced broad authority through disregarding the powers stipulated in the policies and procedures.

The dissolved committee disregarded the Investment Encouragement Act.

The membership of the Committee:

The committee included four members from the Sovereign Council, Council of Ministers,  Ministry of Finance, representatives from the army, RSF, Federal Rule, Justice, general prosecution, and Commercial Registrar.

The Methodology of the Committee:

The committee is to meet twice a week in the Republican palace to distribute the duties and follow up the implementation of the decisions, besides the fieldwork and supervising the sub-committees, besides supervising the sub-committees in the states and enlightening the Sovereign Council with progress reports and the recommendations.

The Sub-committee:

To review vehicles and equipment received by the dissolved committee. The sub-committee recovered 55 vehicles out of 1325 which were held by the dissolved committee. And the recovering of 122 cars out of 482 seized by the dissolved committee. The Sub-committee of Reviewing and determining the companies targeted by the dissolved committees managed to recover 279 companies and businesses.

Banking Accounts:

The sub-committee suspended 12 banking accounts belonging to the dissolved committee out of which 7 are in the Central Bank of Sudan.


The frozen shares amounted to 300 institutions.

The Real estate Sub-committee managed to recover hundreds of real estates some of which are built.

One of the sub-committees received 27 vehicles besides machine guns and ammunition which were stored in some of the dissolved committee offices besides safes which the sub-committee did not open up to this moment.

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