Smoking Room

Osman Mirghani

In some international airports, if anyone wants to light a cigarette, he has to look for the isolated room where the phrase “smoking area” is written on the door and there he can smoke.

In Sudan, we are in bad need to apply this system in public work.

For instance, if a politician wants to practice any political activity he should look for a specified place to do so and stay there as long as he is practicing politics. Then when he finishes blowing his smoke in the air he can return to the public space just like the smoker in the airport return to the airport terminal.

The main reason for the continuous failure of the Sudanese state is that the politicians practice politics everywhere and force the Sudanese people to link their fate with politics and politicians.

Our politicians want the Sudanese people to recognize that when they aspire to dignified life through providing housing, security, work, education, health, transportation, they are governed by the mentality of the politician who is ruling.

The Sudanese reality is governed from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet by the thinking and the capability of the politician in producing the resolutions along with their execution.

It is high time to adopt new innovative concepts through thinking outside the box to produce a new structure for modern Sudan which separates politics from administration.

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