Time for Change and Honest Dialogue

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Let us first recognize that if the political parties want to acquire the respect of the citizens and win the upcoming elections, they should adopt a new approach and conduct in the political action.

At the same time, if the military institution wants to acquire the respect of the people, it should recognize that a new generation emerged following the success of the December revolution. This new generation has a different approach and doesn’t recognize the old political practices. The new generation’s goal is a better future.

The new generation gets its information via communication revelation and social media platforms which have a significant impact.

The youths who are now taking to the streets know very well that politics are just slogans and false promises.

The traditional political parties became weak being leftists or rightists and this was a natural excretion of intellectual interactions and conflicts, besides the regional and international events, especially after the globe has become a small village due to the communication and artificial intelligence revolutions.

Our political parties are now fragmented and do not affect political life as it was in the past. This fragmentation was due to the knock-out directed to those parties by the ousted salvation regime.

Even the ideological parties, despite being on top of the political scene compared to the traditional political parties, did not renew their approach and political conduct.

For instance, the Sudanese communist party is still sticking to Marxism which collapsed in its upstream countries.

The same can apply to the Nasirists or Baathists or Arab Nationalists political parties.

As for the Islamists who presented the worst political practice during the 30 years of the Salvation regime.

The military institution now has a golden opportunity to prove its trustworthiness through working out a plan to conduct fair and free elections as was the case in the April uprising.

The respectful stance of the military institution after the April uprising by handing the power to a civilian government after a fair and free election could be repeated by the present rulers of the country.

It is a good omen that General Al-Burhan stated that they do not want to stay in power after the upcoming elections, so it would be better for the civilian and military components to agree on the best approach without pre-condition from each party.

It is high time to launch an inclusive, comprehensive, productive, & honest dialogue, after which a constitutional conference could be held to agree on the common factors and smooth means of transition.

The smooth transition could be also through amending the constitutional document or making a transitional constitution, considering that the current constitutional document is no more valid as its two signatories have shredded it.

We should agree on the elections system and law instead of blaming each other and each party claims representation of the revolution.

Out leaders should respect the people who are in continuous demonstrations to avoid more martyrs and injuries.

God bless Sudan and its people.

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