Urgent and Brave Decisions Required

Osman Mirghani

Nobody – whatever his position is, even if he is Al-Burhan or Dagalo – can convince the Sudanese people that our country is on the right and safe path that could lead to stability.

On the contrary, the situation of Sudan is just like a patient who rejects the medication, and accordingly, his pains increase till he reaches the stage when no medicine can cure him.

We should confront the facts bravely. History tells us that the insistence to preserve the power chairs despite everything will not lead to lengthening the lives or eternizing the position.

History eternizes those of historical decisions which change the fates of the nations and inspire the people to the renaissance path.

Now, there is an available opportunity – maybe the time is running short – for the military rulers in Sudan to eternize their names in history by taking the brave decisions which reinstate the path of the country towards democratic rule.

Unfortunately, every passing hour a patient dies in one of the hospitals due to the deterioration of the health services. Every passing hour thousands of children will join the dropouts as they are not able to catch up with the education train considering that education services have become very expensive and few people can pay for their kids to go to school.

Every passing hour means the death of a mother during delivery and a youngster drowns in the waters of the Mediterranean on his adventure to reach the European shores.

More than that, every passing hour means missing investment opportunities and the refrainment of foreign funds from investing in Sudan.

I wish that the President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan recognizes that the situation could not bear any hesitation and that it is not a solution to just blame the civilian component and its fragmentation.

It is high time for Al-Burhan to take the urgent and brave decision before it is too late.

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