RCs Accept Early Elections

Omer B. Abu Haraz

The gallant December 2018 revolution ousted the strongest autocratic regime in the history of Sudan. It was a reinforced regime by the mixture of the military to ideology. For 30 years the regime was backed by the International Islamic Movement. The regime had close connections with the Islamic fundamentalists all over the region – from Morocco to Afghanistan. Leaders of terrorist groups frequently visited Sudan.

A historic conference of Islam Fundamentalists groups was held twice in Khartoum in 1992 and 1994. Osama bin Laden lived in Khartoum for about six years. He suddenly defected to Afghanistan when he felt that he will be betrayed by the Salvation regime to the extent of handing him over to the Americans, similar to what had happened to the revolutionary and human rights defender Carlos when he was flown to France after being anesthetized in a private hospital while undergoing minor surgery.

Since 1993 Sudan was subjected to international isolation by the American economic sanctions of 1997 and the inclusion of Sudan in the American list of States Sponsoring Terrorism in 1993.

The gallant revolution which ousted the Salvation regime but did not and could not uproot it was led by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) till January 1st, 2019 when SPA incubators were enlarged by the unfortunate and sad inclusion of political parties. The enlargement was the beginning of the downfall of the revolution.

After the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) of October 2020, the gallant revolution was hijacked by four political parties and by the Arm Struggle Groups (namely Umma Party, Sudanese Congress Party, Unionist Alliance, and Baath).

Dissolving the first non-partisan cabinet was the beginning of the hijacking when pure, nationalistic, patriotic, impartial ministers were thrown out for unjustified, unfair, and unfortunate reasons. The vested interest of the hijackers in holding high in the governance was their ultimate objective.

The failed government and the inhomogeneous composition of the Sovereignty Council after October 2020 led to the coup of October 25th, 2021 which finished the hijacking in a catastrophic crash landing which set the revolution plane ablaze surrounded by firefighters of the whole spectrum of the political scene of a lame cow, everyone wants to milk and nobody wants to feed. The owners of the cow are now the Resistance Committees (RCs) which are struggling to free the cow and redeem the revolution.

The RCs should defuse the demand of the military component to see an impossible consensus or the threat of an early election by accepting going to an early election.

By simple calculation, the youth will win any coming election.

In all 5 past elections, the percentage of voters was between 12 – 15% of the population e.g. in 1986 elections in a democratic rule was 4.5 million and the population of Sudan was then 30 million. Now the population of Sudan is 42 million. The expected number of voters will be around 6.5 million. The youth population in the 2008 census was 67% of the total 40 million – 30 million in North and 10 in South.

Now north Sudan’s population is 42 million, 67% of which i.e. 28 million are youth. If only 25% of the 28 million are active 7 million will go to vote enthusiastically to salvage the revolution and they will win especially if the political groups opt for a presidential system. Going to the polls is a recreational journey compared to their brave and costly struggle of taking to the streets in big rallies and demonstrations which claimed the lives of thousands of martyrs and many thousands of injured.

To RCs go to early elections under Presidential System and you will succeed under a colorful umbrella of the youth of a homogenous mixture of agile resurrected parties.

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