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With Mediation from Dagalo: The Structuring Agreement of Troops in the Republic of Southern Sudan

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Juba – 03/04/2022 — Sudan’s mediation, led by the Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, has succeeded in carrying out the parties in the Republic of Southern Sudan to comply with the restructuring of the country’s senior command arrangement.

The parties signed the government from the one hand and the opposition of Dr. Riac Mshar and Hussein Abdel Baqi today at the presidential palace in Juba on a close structural structure in all regular forces, within the security arrangement item as well as signing a roadmap.

The Government Party signed the President of the Republic of Southern Sudan Tut Qulak and on the opposition to the leadership of Martin Aboga, while Sua Group led by Hussein Abdul Baqi signed Khalid Boutros and the Government of Sudan signed the defense minister charged.

At the signing ceremony, the President of the Republic of Southern Sudan and the Vice-Chairman of the Sovereign Committee, chaired the chairman of the Supreme Committee to follow up on the implementation of the Southern Sudan Peace Agreement, as well as the presence of the first deputy of the Republic of Southern Sudan, Dr. Riak Mashar and Vice President Hussein Abdul Baqi as well as attending several Ministers and military leaders from signed parties.

Chancellor Tut Qulak expressed his country’s thanks to the wisdom and patience of Dagalo, which led the parties to sign a regular leadership structure, referring to Diqalo, who led discussion situations with the parties so that the signing of the agreement is back to the square The war is special after recent tensions, adding that the people were worried except that the parties were able to unite military leadership.

For his part, Defense Minister Jesab Ibrahim said that the parties agreed to Sudan’s proposal in August and a long debate was made up. The parties, especially President Salvakir Miyardit, who is patient and chest capacity and to make concessions for the benefit of the people, call on the government to go towards development and services.

For his part, the Minister of Metal Representative of the opposition People’s Martin Abuja described the agreement as an important step that would achieve peace and stability in the country, praising the first team of Dalqo, who said he played a pivotal role in bringing the views between the parties and added after today, there would be no war or instability Towards development and stability of our community.

In turn, the representative of Sawa Khalid Boutros, thanked Sudan, especially the vice president of the Sovereign Minister.

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