Polygamy Abuses Women’s Rights

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Marriage in Sudan became highly inflated and arose so many challenges among young men and women to marry; it’s subjected to dowry inflation as a result of the economic crisis within the country. So families must work harder to deflate it, forsake resolving the spinsterhood that is reflected by a brave lady who projected herself publicly to be married, and she doesn’t mind the polygamy marriage, too.

On the 18th of May, English Multicultural Center, EMC hosted Dr. Aya Khalid on the subject of; Does Polygamy Abuse women’s rights or not. Among challenging, audiences and guests discussed such marital social issues in Sudan as well as worldwide.

However, the concept of polygamy insinuated so many obsession and argumentative questions before EMC Intellectual Hosting Show; for example:

  1. What is the Essence of Polygamy and How does it originate?
  2. Where do men see themselves in polygamy and monogamy?
  3. How does / Doesn’t polygamy marriage abuse women’s rights? Why?
  4. What are women’s rights in general? Are these rights religiously and culturally compatible from society to society?
  5. Do you think women’s rights are human rights?
  6. Has secularism guaranteed women’s rights more than divine religions? How?
  7. What is the chief reason that justifies polygamy? And do women fear spinsterhood? Why?
  8. Do you think patriarchalism justifies(polygyny and polygamy) and Feminism justifies polyandry? How?
  9. Do you think men, in general, are nymphomanic more than women? If so men’s cheating is plausible/ justifiable?
  10. Which gender is lustful sexually women or men? Why?
  11. What is libidinous in your opinion? And What does it mean if someone is licentiously promiscuous?
  12. Do you believe polygamy has something to do with economic competency? If so, why the richest men in the world are monogamous?
  13. Is polygamy the main reason for dozens of children dropping out of school?
  14. To what extent do you consider family impoverishment and social poverty can be a challenge for the polygamous?
  15. Do you think that divorce is surviving mood for women to accept polygamy? How?
  16. “Some people have argued that polygamy is an industrial institution of the polygamous family”?
  17. Some monogamous feminists argued that increasing the dowry can be the main cause of tackling polygamy?

In the immemorial history records the philosophy of marriage that polygamy allowed men to marry more than one wife due to the reproduction as well as the replication of one belief’s population. On the other hand, polyandry allowed women to marry more than one husband; this remains an outdated culture in many beliefs and societies worldwide. but over last year South Africa the gazette news has announced the recognition of polyandry, which would allow women to be married to more than one man at the same time. Many detractors have argued that this polyandry thing is preposterous and that there won’t be any men to engage in this nonsense.

Polygamy remains a huge subject for feminist women because the multiplication of wives; is not revolving around women’s rights but rather gives the men a chance to carry on the domestic abuses as well as the tenacious superiority of men over women in the life opportunities and leadership. More importantly, feminism arises to challenge the patriarchalism that historically occurred and forged polygyny which resulted in the possession of women in marriage either by King or men in general to lay or to wed women randomly.

Moreover, economic competency and nymphomania play a crucial role for monogamous men to be polygamous. But in Sudan polygamy breathes as a manipulative way of resolving the spouse’s problem among married men to women. For that Dr. Aya concluded her speech by saying ” since we are emotional beings then female spouse might have jealousy to her husband from marrying another woman” and she continued by saying ” she will put a prior condition for the man that will be her life partner as must be monogamous only; otherwise, she prefers to be single than marrying him”.

Meanwhile, some proponent has argued that polygamy is tackling spinsterhood, sparking that every woman deserve to be married, and it’s their right to get so. By emphasizing extended lineage and government officials must facilitate the marriage process for the young men and women across Sudan. Otherwise, fornication will occur and in their views ought to be plausible.

All in all, Marriage is a means for a sane person to build a family and the continuity of life, and he strives for it, finds someone who takes care of his affairs, and gives his life material and psychological value. Marriage in life has a human value, and its presence in this world has a social status. Unmarried people dream of it, and successful marriage is the best entertainment in the world.

 Psychology has reached a consensus on the importance of marriage, advocacy and encouragement for marriage, and unwillingness to use the ability to marry. In realizing the fear of marriage, in which the soul is reformed and society is strengthened, the world will live forever and life will go on, and without it, it weakens people’s souls, destroys society, destroys the world, and destroys the cycle and cycle of life.

 The research and theories of many psychologists in the field of mental health development agree that marital happiness and marital compatibility are among the basic pillars of mental health and psychological harmony, and they are the pillars of enjoying the world and the foundation of a good family, without which the mission of men and women in this world would not be complete, and this was confirmed by many studies on the psychology of family relationships. This sense of compatibility and mental health associated with marriage is because marriage helps fulfill many of the needs and desires of both spouses.

 The most important needs that marriage achieves:

1- Sexual satisfaction: It is the fulfillment of the sexual desires of the husband and wife legitimately, so we find that sexual satisfaction in marriage involves the enjoyment of the spouses and a feeling of psychological and physical comfort, while the satisfaction that comes from outside marriage can bring pain, fatigue and suffer from Epidemics and incurable diseases.

2- Psychological enjoyment: This is achieved through the husband’s satisfaction of many psychological and physical needs, the most important of which is the necessity of feeling fatherhood and motherhood that comes through marriage and marriage, as the need for fatherhood is one of the innate needs.

 3- A sense of security and tranquility: it is one of the basic needs that individuals seek to meet in the right way, and this is a method that is marriage. Through the marital relationship that seeks good relationship, love, affection, mercy, cooperation, and synergy, the life of the marital relationship, and sharing the opportunity to achieve perfection for humanity; Because through legal marriage, the minds of men and women have matured day after day, their religion and morals have been completed, and their souls have settled in this relationship, in which they find cover and fulfillment for all their needs.

4- Giving value and meaning to life: Marriage enhances the value, importance, and status of the spouses, encourages them to work hard in practical life and research, strengthens their aspirations for achievement and excellence, and makes their roles complement each other. The husband works for his wife and children, and the wife works for her husband and children, and the success of each is the success of the other, and the failure of each is the failure of the other.

 5- Family formation: the two partners spend most of their time, life, and practice to meet their needs and activities, and this is the basic part of society where the entire social situation is improved and its corruption spoils an entire society, and the goodness or corruption of the family is linked to the success of marital life and the shared happiness between them.

6- Continuity and preservation of offspring: Preserving offspring and raising children who can transmit life information, building society, and developing and rebuilding the land. Psychologists and mental health scientists confirm that offspring is the family that resulted from a beautiful marriage, and among the goals of the family are happiness, sex, parenting, and motherhood.

7- Preserving morals: Marriage has an essential and effective role in preserving morals, protecting society from corruption, perversion, and crime, and preventing young people from falling into such evils. And, in the maintenance of moral values, ideals, and social norms.

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