Sudan and Plan (B)

Osman Mirghani

Time is running out to get Sudan off the tumbling path to the abyss, so it is only possible to start making arrangements for Plan (B) to slow down the Collapse.

In his briefing to the UNSC, last week, Chief of the UNITAMS, Dr. Volker Peretz said that the situation in Sudan is still critical.

Despite that, it seems that the effective political powers which are supposed to bring Sudan out of the imminent collapse are busy arguing about marginal issues and political disputes.

It is now 7 months since the 25th October 2021 coup and the country is without a prime minister or executive body let alone the rest of the public institutions such as the legislative council, justice institutions, and commissions.

Even the tripartite mechanism i.e. UNITAMS, AU, and IGAD are unable to find a way out due to the difference among its representatives a matter that indicates that this mechanism needs a mediation to come out with a unified stance towards the crisis of the country.

Within this situation, it is high time to start Plan (B) considering that the crisis facing Sudan could resolve through difficult compromises which require patience as it is a crisis over the governance structure or to be more accurate it is a crisis over power-share.

It is wise for the political components to announce an executive government as soon as possible by appointing a non-partisan prime minister after which a cabinet with the least number of ministers including the number of Juba Peace Agreement signatories

By this Sudan can avoid the sanctions and the expected lockdown which are imminent (June 2022).

The appointed government should immediately start, on behalf of the civilian component negotiations with the military component to agree on a roadmap to retrieve the transitional situation to complete the remaining period of the transitional period towards conducting presidential and general elections.

This is the last chance for getting out of the bottleneck of the Sudanese crisis; otherwise, our civilian and military components will find no country to dispute over.

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