Sudanese Abroad: The Captain

Mohammed Saad

The first indications that you get when you meet Dr. Captain. Tageldin Eltegani Mukhtar Abuelgassim is that he is an elegantly dressed person with influence and authority, but when you talk to him, you find that he is a very simple and humble man…

I noticed during my stay in the Emirates that the captain was popular and loved by many Sudanese residing in the Emirates, which motivated me to work with him in a simple dialogue about him and about the big step of opening a Franchised outlet for the international company DLG Ann Ray Monaco – France in the UAE.

When I asked him about the secret of his elegance, he told me that his father was a tailor, which gave him increased knowledge of cloth and clothing, in addition to his affiliation with the Naval College, which taught him discipline in clothing.

He said that he was born in Nyala in the Darfur region of western Sudan and received his primary studies there and is very proud of his belonging to the Darfur region. Then he joined the Naval Academy in Egypt and was appointed in 2006 as a captain of the high seas and worked in Sudan until 2013 and then joined a private business with a Saudi Sheikh who owned several yachts.

He told me that he was hiding being a captain due to his young age so as not to frighten the passengers, but with the passage of time, the passengers got used to him and made many friendships.

“During my work in yachts, I obtained a master’s and a doctorate in political science and diplomatic relations and worked as a consultant for many companies working in the field of maritime transport,” he said.

I asked him about his relationship with trade, and he replied that he had acquired this talent from his grandfathers in the (Tulus) region, who were professionals in the trade.

I asked him about this talent, and did he gain him the confidence to work as an agent for a global company such as (DLG Ann Ray Monaco – France)?

He said that his work in yachts with the Saudi Sheikh made him have wide relations all over the world, which opened up many opportunities for him and the idea of ​​obtaining a franchise connection from a huge company such as DLG Ann Ray Monaco – France is only part of the opportunities that were available to him.

I interrupted him wondering if he did not feel anything strange because he was associated with the profession of tailoring when he was young, and then his interest in fashion increased, and now he had the opportunity to work in the field of cosmetics, which is an area related to fashion! 

He said that he did not plan for this but found himself walking in the direction of his passion and love for fashion in its various fields and he is very happy with what he is doing. Now he has obtained a Franchise from Crown DLG Cosmetic Trading Company LLC. For the Middle East and Africa, and will soon begin with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and then Ethiopia, Turkey, and Sudan, insisting on mentioning his strong connection to his mother country, Sudan.

I asked him about working in the maritime field in Sudan, and he said that he had established a private company in Sudan that would soon work in the field of river transport by bringing in modern and huge ships.

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