The 39th Khartoum International Fair

The Acting Wali (Governor) of Khartoum State Praises the Participation of the State Units

The Unified Media Center is a National Project to Unify the Media Vision of the Capital, Khartoum

Haffiya Abdalla

The Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Frees inaugurated the 39th Khartoum International Fair, from 1 – 7 June 2022 under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade in the presence of the government officials, businessmen, diplomatic corps, with the participation of 9 countries,  50 international companies, and 250 local companies.

The Acting  Wali (Governor) of Khartoum State,  Ahmed Othman Hamzah, inspected the Khartoum State Exhibition within the 39th  Khartoum International Fair. The governor’s tour included the pavilions of ministries, supreme councils, localities, and bodies.

The exhibitions varied according to the specialization of each party but focused mainly on the services provided to citizens, productive institutions, treatment services provided by the Ministry of Health in the state, and investment opportunities available in the state.

The Wali of Khartoum inspects the state fair within the Khartoum International Fair, he praised the distinguished participation of the State Units.

The locality exhibitions also reflected cultural diversity, with creative and sports activities, as well as partnerships with the private sector and infrastructure projects in the areas of roads, bridges, water, sanitation, and hygiene, the state’s plan planning based on the structural scheme, the development of urban fabric through the village planning project and the state’s vision for the development of the industry.

The Wali (Governor) expressed his appreciation to all the state units participating in the exhibition; demanding the improvement of performance in a way that reflects the lives of citizens.

The Wali (Governor) also toured the pavilion of the Ministries of Culture, Information, and Tourism in the state of Khartoum and valued the role of the ministry in the qualitative shift achieved by the unified media center, which aims to develop the vision of the media of Khartoum State, civil society and relevant authorities.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Khartoum State Fair, Secretary-General of the state government, Rabeh Ahmed Hamid, stressed the need for the state’s participation to be fully consistent with the overall goals that the state plans to implement through the current session and to highlight the leadership and excellence that makes the state a model for others to aspire to.

He stressed the need to get out of stereotyping and traditionalism and go towards society in its faculties and provide tangible services to the citizen that help him provide his daily needs through agreement with production and manufacturing companies and sectors working in the field of production, trade, and industry to sell their products to the citizen directly without intermediaries.

Rabeh also stressed the need for the Khartoum State Fair to express the citizens of the state with their various interests, tendencies, and tendencies, calling for the need to accompany and attract creators and stars to enrich the state fair arena and shed light on programs that attract young people.

The center acts as a news portal for the capital, Khartoum, and the news of Sudan with credibility and refutation of rumors through specialized channels to enhance community awareness through effective media tools that touch the issues of a human dimension and to reach sustainable peace and comprehensive national accord.

The Unified Media Center is a national project to unify the media vision of the capital, Khartoum, develop the media field, civil society, and news of Sudan with credibility, refute rumors through specialized channels, and contribute to promoting community awareness through effective media tools that touch on the issues of a human dimension to reach sustainable peace and comprehensive national accord.

The Unified Media Center is the leader in developing and supporting society, and the media community, promoting community awareness through a sincere media message. It is worth noting that SFZ is making great efforts to hold this session and to make it a success, pointing to the holding of economic, social, and cultural forums accompanying the exhibition.

Khartoum International Fair is one of the pillars of the national economy and an important and direct promotional tool in the issue of information, rapprochement, and communication between countries and companies.

SFZ has continued its efforts to provide the best services to the exhibition industry in Sudan, taking into account the progress that the exhibition industry has achieved in the world, indicating that the company is keen to provide the best services, advantages, and facilities.

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