The Beauty

Mohamed Saad

I met Al-Khansaa in a place I was about to escape due to the heat and thirst, as I was literally panting and trying to get out with all my strength to find a breath of air or an atom of oxygen. 

As I was about to leave I met her, and she was the air and the oxygen that saturated my lungs, my mind, and my soul. Both have a special presence that makes you forget the weather and the state of depression that used to be with me as if it brought people happiness.

The strange and beautiful thing in her conversation with me is that she talks about a tragedy that happened to her, but the beauty of her soul does not push you to the simple, objective human influence, but rather you listen to her as if you were listening to a children’s riddle before bed. She told me that she was exposed to a rare disease that led to the amputation of her two hands from the elbow. I was amazed that she said it while smiling.

She said: ‘Throughout my life, I depended on my legs as an example of writing, drawing, sculpting, and make-up, and I graduated from Al-Ahlia University, the Faculty of Arts, specializing in English, and after graduation, I worked as an English teacher.’

After that, I worked as a positive motivator for the injured and disabled by talking in forums and special events, and through drawings and stories.

I asked her about her hobby of drawing, and she said that she was born with her, so she discovered that she could draw when she was young, and she does not have a specific art school or approach, but rather paints everything she likes, and this exhibition is her first exhibition.

Saying that people’s admiration for her drawings made her think of holding other exhibitions.

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