Indian MGM Hospital launches Its Services in Sudan

By: Mamioun Ali Farah

The Administrative manager of MGM Hospital of India, Dr. Raja Gobalan has said that the protocols of medical cooperation will considerably contribute in dealing with several Sudanese patients a matter which will lead to reducing the cost of medication.He enumerated the capabilities of MGM in all medical specializations. As for Sudan, he said that they have strategic plans to allow for perfect medication for Sudanese patients besides the appropriate medical care, affirming that there will be regular visits to Sudan.He affirmed that there is a partnerships with their Sudanese counterparts in order to reduce the cost of medication and resolving all health problems, considering that MGM will ease all the procedures of critical cases.He detailed the long term partnership plan and the partnership with the private sector including training to make Sudan a centre for Africa.MGM hospital includes 400 beds, 100 intensive care units, 12 operations rooms, 30n medial departments and 12 diagnostic centres.MGM hospital is specialized in transplanting in India including kidney, heart, liver and lung, adding that a transplantation operation ws conducted to a Sudanese youth who is practicing his normal life .As for cancer he said that there is radiation medication and apparatus of examining the cells, adding that y received the injured persons of the Sudanese revolution.According to Dr. Jalal Hamid, MGM provides distinguished services and is endeavoring to enter into partnerships with private hospitals through medical prot

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