Dagalo from Zalingei: Calling Abdul Wahed for Peace

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Zalingei – 05/07/2022 — The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, commander of the Rapid Support Forces, called on Abdel Wahed Mohamed Nour, head of the Sudan Liberation Movement, to work with the voice of reason and to respond to the claims of citizens who are in the midst of displacement, and also called on him to add what he deems appropriate in the Juba peace document, which he said did not Leave the stray and do not come from the Darfur issues, otherwise you will find a solution to it.

Dagalo revealed during his address to a large crowd of the components of Central Darfur state in the popular square in Zalingei today.

Lieutenant-General Dagalo said that what is missing in the states of Darfur is peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other, stressing the role of the Native Administration in organizing the life of society through its contribution to resolving issues, praising the security services in Central Darfur for their efforts in concluding reconciliations, combating all manifestations of impunity, and coordinating in this with the native administration represented by Damangawi Sisi Fadel Sisi, and mentioned the importance of stability and security in the state of Central Darfur and said that it should be a destination for tourists because it is a tourist state, and demanded the necessity of convincing Abdul Wahed Nour of peace.

“He did not abide by promises, and we are ready to negotiate with him”.

He added that the Juba Agreement achieved great benefits for the Darfur states by allocating 40% of the resources, and this is an achievement that no one else has achieved. He appealed to the educated people of the region to help return the displaced to their villages, pointing out that development issues cannot It can only be achieved through stability, and he added, “Lead your family to the right path.”

Dagalo pledged to provide security in the areas of return, indicating that it is their responsibility as a state. His sovereignty also affirmed that the issue of lands and hawakir has been resolved by the Juba Peace Agreement, and the people must return to their villages and hawkeers, and whoever seized land that he did not have to leave immediately.

He also called on citizens to open the water tanks and trays and maintain peace until their demands are met, pointing out that the government is continuing to expand the prestige of the state by combating negative phenomena such as looting and drugs and preventing the negative use of water, pledging to give priority to Central Darfur state in terms of financing and opening banks and microfinance.

Calling on businessmen and investors to head to Central Darfur as a safe and touristic area, adding (Jabal Marra is for tourism, not rebellion is forbidden, in which there is rebellion), announcing the opening of the Haf port in the Forbaranga region in the near future.

His Excellency informed the citizens of the imminent opening of the dry port in the locality of Forbaranga. He added that we discussed the Jebel Marra project due to its importance, and the establishment of a cooler for preserving fruits.

His Eminence also pledged to complete the second phase of the ancient mosque project with its accessories and his own money.

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