The Agent: Nima Elbagir

Mohammed Saad Kamel

Media disinformation is known as: ((deliberately and pre-conceived dissemination and dissemination of false information and ideas)) and in another definition ((creating a wrong opinion, but convincing enough, with the aim of making the opponent fall into an error while he is thinking correctly)).

The release of fake news today requires a smartphone, an Internet connection, an account in social networks, and the application of the words of Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Political Propaganda under Hitler, who said: “Lie and then lie until others believe.”

And the difference between false information and false news is that in false information there is a part of the truth with part of the lie. In which amplification and excitement are used, this information is not in the form of news but is in the form of general information about people’s lives, science, weather, and others.

False news is often completely fabricated and is manufactured by individuals and sometimes media organizations for specific purposes. There is news made out of nothing, there are facts that have been a little distorted and made into lies, and these are very dangerous and more believable, and they are more widely spread.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world has witnessed the largest American-European media mobilization, and this invasion would not have occurred without America and NATO provoking Russia and Ukraine’s incitement against it. Under the slogan “The media – to confront the Russian invasion of an independent state.” It is known that the large lobbies that dominate many of the power institutions are the ones who control the most important media in the world and push them to the fore in international crises.

Regardless of the rejection of all the peoples of the world and every sane person of war wherever it is, the Western media, since the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and then the outbreak of the war, has become inflamed, and its method of work has been drawn up to brainwash and spread lies and misinformation to spread terror under the title “Putin-Russian” threatens world peace and challenges international law. Also the pretext of protecting Western democracy and defending human rights principles.

Thousands of journalists and various media outlets all over the world (as well as delegates of 135 member states of the United Nations), most of which are countries that do not hesitate against American militarism, made its soldiers burn their lands. When and however you want, in support of the US-European position seeking to liberate innocent Ukraine from the grip of Putin/Russia.

Ignoring the bad history that the peoples and nationalities of Russia have suffered throughout bitter eras at the hands of those who break covenants and invent lies, they talk a lot about peace, independence, international law, democracy, human rights, and justice, while their military and economic tools are terrifying, threatening, roaming and roaming in three-quarters of the world, starving, killing, and looting while despising nations and peoples who have brought them no harm.

It is noticeable that the media platforms revealed what was hidden, “the racism of the democratic state” towards ancient countries, civilizations, and cultures. People, societies, and nationalities that have sons living in this geographical, cultural, and societal environment, whose civilizations many do not know, have been subjected, since the outbreak of the war, to discrimination and racist harassment, to discrimination and racist harassment, false accusations against great countries such as China, which the West and America plot against. They take advantage of their media power to offend China and its people and seek to sabotage its economy, even though China is one of the countries that is known for not interfering in any internal and political affairs of other countries. Its allies are from blatant interference and colonialism, and history bears witness to this.

The laughable thing is that a good number of organizations, parties, journalists, writers, and academics at home and abroad have erupted their premise for demagogic theorizing about the concept of “invasion and an independent state” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and now Sudan is on the list of supporters of Russia in its war against Ukraine. This is a simple and unbelievable matter, especially because of the economic and political crises that Sudan is going through.

Born in Sudan in 1978, El-Baqer studied in Sudan, then in Britain, where she obtained a BA in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. Affiliate of the British Channel Four, in 2010, she joined CNN independently, in February of the year 2011, she officially joined CNN, with the rank of the international correspondent.

Although Nima Elbagir did not announce the identity of her husband, which newspapers and celebrity websites do not know about, he is a high-ranking English diplomat who was Chargé d’Affairs at the English Embassy in Iraq, and the current head of the Stabilization Unit in the British Foreign Office, Mr. Mark Bryson Richardson, a Cambridge University graduate, studied Theology and Comparative Religions Speaks Arabic. Nima Elbagir said in an interview that her husband is a Muslim, without revealing his identity.

And Neamat Al-Baqer made several reports from international conflict arenas for Reuters, Channel 4, CNN, but what raised Nima Elbagir’s star is her reports about rapes in Darfur, which she claimed that the Janjaweed militia or group are carrying out against farmers, and her allegations were reinforced by the testimonies of a girl who was raped and a nurse from a hospital that received the rape cases, which the people of Sudan considered propaganda for media consumption, as what the organizations and the international community and bar activists did in Europe and America who sell their homeland at any price from lying and marketing rumors for material and political gain became known to the whole world.

After that, Nima Al-Baqir met with the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Hemedti, by making a meeting with him on the basis that she would publish the whole truth, but for the sake of media gain and excitement, she withheld many of Hemeti’s testimonies and turned the work to condemn the Rapid Support Forces and transfer them through her report to unorganized militias, which is not true. Of course, the Rapid Support Forces were created in accordance with the law of the Sudanese Armed Forces, and they are regular forces affiliated with the Sudanese government. She actually gained the fame she dreamed of after publishing the report and was marketed to the world who wanted to hear false information about Sudan and Darfur, and the result was that a citizen suffered in Darfur, and the citizen of Sudan are more and more than the economic embargo that burdens the Sudanese.

After that, Nima’s visits to Sudan were repeated to spread lies and rumors through weak press reports that do not have reliable sources but relied only on arousing collective passion, which is unprofessional and unprofessional in the press. Which you write to bring emotion and excitement.

In pursuit of excitement and journalistic gain, Nima Elbagir was among the CNN crew who was present in Libya during the events of the revolution, specifically, she was staying at the Rixos Hotel, she was covering and monitoring the news of the bombing as well!

While she was at the hotel, Naama Al-Baqer conducted a telephone interview with Mrs. Safiya Farkash, about the incident of the killing of her son, Saif Al-Arab, by a missile that bombed their house in the Gharghour area. She is certain that the person who conducted the telephone interview is Mrs. Safiya Farkash, thus intending to question the personality with whom she conducted the interview, which affects the credibility of this personality among the recipients.

The Sudanese journalist Nima Elbagir also claims that she entered the slave markets in Libya while she was disguised as a Sudanese woman looking for a relative, and this is something that could never happen. But it seems that the journalist came with one of them and he provided her with security and said that she claimed that she was looking for a relative.

The strange thing about the video report broadcast by the channel is that the auction that appeared at the beginning of the visual report was between 5 and 30 seconds (the report can be searched) & shows the migrants smiling while they are being sold in the auction as slaves, and one of them was peeking into the hidden camera.

Today, Nima Elbagir was not satisfied with her history full of lies, so she came again to Sudan to disturb the atmosphere for the benefit of the institutions she works with and at the right time to raise problems in Sudan once again to report for CNN, a report that is considered a decline in the professional standing of CNN, as it is an investigative report that lacks the most basic elements The investigative effort that searches for the source of the correct information and refutes the details of the wrong information.

There are also funny things, for example, there was talk about an amount of 13.4 billion dollars per year, which is the value of the real production of gold in Sudan. The funny thing here is that this amount is equivalent to three thousand and Two hundred and fifty tons of gold.

Knowing that the global annual production of gold is in the range of eighty-three tons, even though Sudan has not yet entered the list of the top five in gold production!! This is the stupidity of minds with no critical thought, and in fact, it shows the stupidity of those behind this report.

The difference between the 83 tons mentioned by Finance and the 323 tons that came in the report is very large, even though this last number was calculated wrongly, because 323 tons are not equal to 13.4, but are equal to One billion three hundred million…

The report was supposed to explain the alleged path of smuggling gold from its sites and follow it step by step and document it until its entry in support of Russia in the Ukraine war, but it came out as baseless chatter and a naive media bang to indicate that Sudan’s gold caused the stability of the Russian Ruble and helped prevent the Ruble from collapsing during the Russians’ war with Ukraine and NATO.

This steadfastness caused Putin’s stability on the issue of Nord Stream, and the aggravation of the European economic crisis, which of course is something that no sane person can believe.

Mubarak Ardol, head of the Sudanese Agricultural Mineral Resources Technical Company for the Ministry of Minerals, described the investigation of Nima Elbagir, on CNN, as poor and weak.

In today’s publication, Ardol said that the investigation is inaccurate in some parts, and its numbers are inflated, rather imaginary, and I consider it to come within the framework of attempts to involve Sudan in what is going on between Russia and the West, and added, “These will not work, and in the report, they did not succeed in trapping it well.”

Nima Elbagir is a vivid example of the idea that the media, with its various types and fields, are the most important arenas in which the intelligence services in the world move, especially those of the arrogant countries that are served by their clients from the local media and otherwise in pursuit of material, political and personal gain.

There is no difference between agents and mercenaries, as they do not have faith or a homeland…

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