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Dagalo Calls for the Removal of Agenda Holders from the Health Field

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Al-Geneina 09/08/2022 – The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, affirmed the government’s interest in providing all health and services to its citizens, especially the citizens of Al-Geneina, acknowledging the suffering of health workers as they work in extremely complex conditions, especially low salaries and their lack of a suitable environment.

Addressing the workers at Al-Geneina Hospital today, His Excellency called for fighting those who have agendas and not to include politics in their humanitarian work, and added, “Keep the agendas away from the hospital, and we believe in your demands, and we will reach results with some through dialogue and discussions, away from the hospital lockout.”

Dagalo indicated that all the hospital workers’ demands are legitimate, praising their efforts and patience despite the suffering, pointing out that he will work in coordination with the competent authorities to provide all the needs of hospital workers concerning the center, and the state government must abide by what it is required to do.

Dagalo directed the state government to review the hospital’s infrastructure and conduct a study to develop and rebuild it scientifically.

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council renewed his thanks and appreciation to the UAE government and people for their great and continuous efforts to support Sudan in general and in particular West Darfur, which supported it with many services, the latest of which was the provision of five and a half tons of medicines by the UAE, directing the state government to form committees to distribute these services to those who deserve it on time, pointing out that the services of the displaced will be provided to them in their places.

For his part, the Wali of West Darfur, Khamis Abdullah Abkar, admitted that the workers at Al-Geneina Hospital are facing suffering and sub-standard conditions, despite that, they assume their responsibilities and perform their humanitarian work well.

Khamis expressed his thanks to Dagalo, for his efforts since he came to the state, providing health, security, and social services, and his commitment to giving cars to the Al-Geneina Hospital, of which the Director General of the Ministry of Health received their keys today, expressing his hope that the state government and the center will cooperate to provide the needs of Al-Geneina Hospital, and that the central government will abide by its pledge in this regard.

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