Training Course of the China International Media Exchange Center Opens

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The training course of the China International Media Exchange Center kicked off in the Chinese capital, Beijing, Organized by the Chinese Society for Public Diplomacy.

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying was with the participating journalists, she said that the China Society for Public Diplomacy has been working on developing the China Media Exchange Center since 2014, providing a platform for journalists from Asian, African, and Latin American countries to follow, and get to know them in-depth and understand them better.

She indicated that the center, after a two-year interruption due to the Corona pandemic, resumed training courses and organized field visits for journalists, despite the difficulties related to the procedures related to the pandemic.

“Media is the bridge for the people of our countries to know each other and is an important force for strengthening communication, and for China, foreign media is a window to know and present China authentically and comprehensively,” said Wu Hailong, president of the China Society for Public Diplomacy.

He explained that the journalists who were invited confirmed that the experience of their participation in the training program deepened and positively changed their view of China, leaving them with unforgettable impressions in their professional field.

The training program, in which more than 90 journalists from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific, the Arab region, and Central Asia participate, includes many training activities and field visits to the most important historical, cultural and cultural landmarks in different provinces, cities, and regions in China, and the opportunity to cover the most important political events and economic during the training period, as well as giving lectures in various political and development fields to journalists, and getting acquainted with the most important traditional arts and crafts, Chinese calligraphy and other activities.

Arab journalists from Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Oman will participate in the training course.

The journalists participating in the session also expressed their thanks to the Chinese Public Diplomacy Association and the people of China for providing this opportunity to get to know China closely and to get acquainted with the latest media tools and skills.

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