West Darfur Citizens honor Sovereignty Council VP in Recognition of His Efforts in Peace and Reconciliation

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Al-Geneina – 03/08/2022 — The people of West Darfur State honored representatives in the civil, popular, cultural, and sporting events, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, in appreciation of his efforts in extending security, reconciliation and repairing the social fabric.

Thousands of citizens gathered in Al-Geneina City Stadium today, carrying banners and slogans calling for peace and peaceful coexistence, and rejecting differences and tribal and regional strife.

Lieutenant-General Dagalo, when addressing the crowds at El Geneina Stadium, expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the honoring committee led by Prince Tahir Abdel Rahman Bahr El Din and all the citizens of West Darfur for their response to the call for peace and peaceful coexistence.

It was noted by him that the greatest honor he received is preserving the reconciliations that have been signed between the tribal components, warning Those he called the owners of agendas who run rooms for sedition and drive a wedge between the parties from persisting in this course so that their fate would not be imprisonment and added (just as there are rooms that plan war, there are also rooms that work for peace and dismantling any criminal gatherings) threatening everyone who crosses his limits with imprisonment in Port Sudan, as the fate of some intruders who They were deported a few days ago.

He added people’s lives had nothing to do with play or courtesy, calling on the regular agencies to play their full role in protecting citizens without waiting for instructions from any party, calling on citizens to cooperate with the agencies and shun those who advocate chaos, stressing his respect for freedom and disciplined democracy is not the democracy of chaos and added by saying (We want a disciplined democracy, not chaos), pointing out that his presence in West Darfur is not an annulment, but rather to mend the social fabric and extend the prestige of the country and returning the displaced voluntarily to their areas, stressing his full readiness to return everyone who wishes to return to their areas of origin or the camps, noting that some agenda holders have ties with people or entities who do not wish to return, and revealed the imminent arrival of a ship carrying Emirati support to help in Voluntary return, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the government and people of the UAE for their continued support to the people of Darfur and the whole of Sudan.

For his part, the Deputy Governor of West Darfur State, Al-Tijani Al-Taher Karshoum, cut short the failure to preserve the recent reconciliations between the components in the state, pointing to the formation of base committees to follow up the implementation processes and remedy any defect that could occur, expressing his appreciation for the great efforts made by the Vice President Sovereignty Council.

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