Proud Eyes: CSCEC

Mohamed Saad Kamil

During my present stay in China and in a special visit to a Chinese Company called CSCEC working in the architectural field, the first thing that attracted my attention is the pride and enthusiasm overwhelming all the staff members of the company to the extent that makes me feel that the company belongs to each of them as he deals with it as a private property along with feeling very happy whenever there is a success.

Such affiliation and pride are what we are missing in our Arab and African world.

We indeed have a lot of available potential in our Arab and African countries, but we miss the above-mentioned pride and enthusiasm.

The Chinese as usual are amazing the globe through their citizens through their love and passion for their country, then the modern technologies.

I asked Mrs. Zhou Jing, who is the Deputy General Manager of the Cultural Department in that company about the pride I recognized in the eyes of the staff members during their briefing e us on the achievements of the company, and she replied that this comes from their feeling of responsibility towards the development of China and the whole world, besides their success in professionally conducting their duties.

The company’s employees amounted to 360,000, working all over the globe besides 2 million workers from partners or subcontractors.

This Chinese group was established officially in 1982 and is considered the most pioneering company in terms of professional development in marketing operation, the highest in integration levels, and the biggest group worldwide in investment and construction in China.

The CSCEC construction engineering group works essentially in operation and administration via its platform in the Chinese Bourse and has 8 companies registered in the Bourse and more than 100 subsidiary holding companies on the second level.

In 2017 the new contracts signed by the CSCEC in construction engineering amounted nearly to 2.45 trillion Chinese Yuan which represented almost 18.4 of the annual growth from one year to another.

The CSCEC rank was the 23rd in the list of (Fortune) of the 500 best companies worldwide in the year 2018, and the 44th among the best 500 best Trade marks in the globe, besides granting the (A) degree in the Credit Classification among the 3 biggest Credit Classification Agencies and that is considered the highest in credit classification in the field of construction worldwide.

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