New act to curb illegal immigration

The Council of Ministers, in a meeting, Monday, chaired by Mahmoud Sir Al-Khatim Al-Huri, Minister of Education, approved an act and establishment of Sudan (immigrant) commission 2022.

Minister of Justice Mohamed Saeed Al-Hilu explained that the new act for Sudanese Migrants Commission aims to support and encourage organized migration, raise awareness of the dangers of illegal migration, support for migrants and protect their rights by providing necessary guarantees.

In addition to working to strengthen the country’s strategic vision for managing immigration, facilitating and developing immigration procedures

He added, “The act aims to transfer knowledge and applications through the Sudanese immigrant competencies, and to enhance the role of the cultural immigrant in introducing Sudan.”

He indicated that the Sudan Migrants Commission will be specialized in regulating migration by preparing and developing laws and regulations for migration in a way that benefits the state and the immigrant, in coordination with the relevant authorities, and working to link migration with development, transfer of knowledge and economy, cognitive and cultural gains to the immigrant and the county.

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